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Props For Sale

I'm offering to all you dinosaur and JP fans a part of my own private collection of Jurassic Park props & models. Many of these items are very rare and hard to find pieces of movie memorabilia collected over the years since the first Jurassic Park movie hit the cinema screens in 1993.

I still have more to select for sale and will put them up sometime soon.

I can accept online payments either through Paypal or a bank wire transfer via my business account. Alternatively a draft/money order or personal cheque if you'd prefer not to pay online (additional £8 GBP is required for cheques to cover bank fees). Just send me an email and I'll provide you with more information, including postage costs to your location.

Fossil Raptor Claw Replica

This is a custom-sculpted replica of a fossil Velociraptor claw featured throughout Jurassic Park. The most memorable scene is where he uses the claw to scare a kid on the dig site at the beginning of the film.

The claw measure approx 6" along the curve and is made from a resin material. It has a weighty realistic feel to it just like a real fossil claw and would make a rare addition to any Jurassic Park collection.

Price is £20 GBP

Please just send me an email for details on how to order and shipping costs.

Mosquito & Crane Fly Amber Eggs

Artificial amber eggs made from a clear-casting resin and pigmented to look like natural polished amber. Each piece comes with a genuine giant Mosquito or Cranefly inclusion.

Price is £45 GBP - Mosquito
Price is £40 GBP - Crane Fly

Please just send me an email for details on how to order and shipping costs.

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